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Death and loss is a part of life we cannot avoid. Yet, we often find ourselves stuffing down the emotions and hiding from the grief that accompanies the loss. We can support you through the grieving process.

Feeling stressed or depressed can be highly overwhelming. We can help you explore your triggers, understand your symptoms, and build coping tools.

Relationships are complicated and can look different for each person. We can help you explore your needs, improve communication, and discover what kind of relationships align for you.

Sometimes your inner critic can get really loud. We can help you tame that voice and develop more loving thoughts.

Most of the challenges we experience can be traced back to an time in our lives where we experienced a trauma. We can help you begin to process these parts of your life and begin to heal.

Discovering and embracing your gender identity, sexual preferences, values and self can be difficult in a society filled with judgements. We can provide a safe space to lean into your authentic self.

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